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Irvine Lake Fishing Tips

Remember the one that got away? Not this time! Rainbow, brook and brown trout, blue and channel catfish, bass, wipers, crappie, bluegill, sunfish, sturgeon and others thrive in abundance in Irvine Lake -- so even if one slips off the hook, there are plenty of opportunities to catch your limit.

Over the decades, the lake has developed into an excellent fishery and ensures a healthy fish habitat for years to come. There are also guided fishing tours to help you find the catch you're looking for.

And because Irvine Lake is privately owned and operated, NO FISHING LICENSE IS REQUIRED! And don't forget -- our bait and tackle store caters to everything you need for your fishing expedition.


Berkley "Crawl / Retrieve" Method
Berkley "Still Fishing" Method
Steve Carson's Trout Tips




There are huge channel and blue catfish in Irvine Lake so anglers should fish with heavy spin combos and line in the 15 to 20 pound class. Catfish feed heavily in the shallow portions of the lake and a good bite could take place at any time of the day or night.

The top choice for catfish bait is chunks of mackerel. Anglers also report catching heavy limits of whiskerfish on night crawlers, chicken liver and shrimp. Adding catfish scent to any kind of cut bait will increase your odds of catching fish. Fish with a big hook in the number 2/0 to 5/0 size and let the catfish run off a little with the bait in its mouth before you strike hard on the fish. Fly lining, sliding egg sinker rigs and a double hook setup are all effective when catfish put on the feed bag.

Hot spots for catching catfish include: the west shore, boat dock cove, Sierra Cove and in Santiago Flats.


Largemouth Bass


Bass fishing in Irvine Lake is restricted to "Catch and Release" fishing only. The lake offers anglers good bass fishing and it is hoped that the conservation program in place will rebuild this fishery to make it one of the Southland's better largemouth bass fishing lakes.

Bass are caught all along shore line cover of the lake and a wide variety of techniques, lures and plastics are used by bass anglers who frequent the lake regularly. The lake record stands at 14 pounds, 7 ounces and this catch was made back in the 1950's. The current strain of bass found in Irvine Lake is a cross between Northern and Florida bass.

Good bass fishing can be enjoyed along the west shore, in Sierra Cove, throughout Santiago Flats and off Rocky Point. Anglers are asked to fish only with artificial lures to assist in helping to bring back a staple bass population to Irvine Lake.

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