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King of the Cats

King of the Cats 2013

Richard Smith wins the 2015 King of the Cats Championship with a 13.06 lb caught in the Santiago Flats




InFisherman magazine names Irvine Lake was as one of the top Catfish lakes in the nation! In fact we were the only lake from California metioned.

A Prize package worth $5,000.00

$1000 first place purse
King of the Cats Trophy
Champions Jacket
Summer Season unlimited fishing pass
Custom bottle of Bite On Cajun



King of the Cats 2013

1st Place Richard Smith 13.06

Top 9 finishers:

2nd place went to Andy Vega with a 12.10,
3rd place - Marty Sauceda 10.12
4th place - Ricardo Zepeda 8.14
5th place - Gina McNally 7.10
6th place - Russ Carr 7.06
7th place - David Rochin 7.04
8th place - Bill Wright 7.0
9th place - Zolt Katkic 6.04
10th place - Steven Rochin 6.02

All qualifier tournaments will be a $20 buy in.
Contestants will be allowed to fish from shore, boat.
Any angler caught fishing prior to 6 am will be disqualified.
Campers may not occupy shoreline prior to 6 am
Rods may not be set up on shoreline prior to 6 am
Boats parked in rental slips may not leave dock prior to 6 am
2 Rod Maximum will be strictly enforced.
No live bait is permitted except for night crawlers, mealworms & wax worms.
No Chumming
No Jugging
No Hook and hand
No Fishing on the launch ramps
No Fishing on the docks
*Lagoon Fish do not count*
You will be allowed to weigh in only (1) single largest catfish.
5 fish take home limit.  No Catch and release.
Any fish intentionally foul hooked or snagged will be disqualified.
1st possible weigh in is at 1 p.m. 
Last possible weigh in 1 am.
Once catch is certified by weigh master the fish is considered an offical catch.
All contest ties are decided by order of weigh-in time for each angler's individual catch.

The King of the Cats Championship will be a test of your skill and endurance.
Hours of the Championship are from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.

Anglers must be at least 16 years of age to compete. Anglers between 16 and 18 yrs must show proof of age prior to competing and must have written permission by parent or guardian.

Current Champion :  Richard Smith

Previous Champions

2014 Paul Dalool Jr.

2013 Marty Sauceda

2012 Ronson Smothers

2011 Brandon Woodward

2010 Elaine Dickerhoof

2009 Chris Hagopian