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Masters Invitational

The Masters 2014

2014 Masters Champion Bill Wright of Anaheim

15.05 lb Rainbow.

2014/2015  - Qualfiers List

Veterans Day Derby -

Steve Chiasson 5.40
Anthony Pendergrass 5.20
Daniel Gonzales 5.10
Scott Bruno 5.05
Jesse Westin 5.05
Steve Duncan 5.05
Manuel Cerda 4.95
Dave Thomas 4.85
Johnathen Tomayo 4.80
Bacilio Franklin 4.75

Turkey Shoot Qualifiers:

1.Gabriel Torres 8.05 (Brown)
2.Jacob Mojarro 6.85 Rainbow
3.Vince Virgen 5.20 Rainbow
4.Ray Tarango 4.65 Rainbow
5. Ricky Rangel 4.60 Brown
6.Stephen Missbrenner 4.55 Rainbow
7.Luke Perez 4.50 Rainbow
8.Travis Guenther 4.45 Rainbow
9.Glenn Casale 4.40 Rainbow
10. Issac Calderon 4.35 10:29

Holiday Derby Qualifiers:

Jamie Robles 5.45
Santiago Hernadez 5.10
Doug Mc Connaughey 4.65
Varian Virgen 4.55
Anthony Magno 4.45
David Gonzales 4.35
Nick Cervantes 4.20
James Smelt 4.05
Adam Cervantes 4.00
Nathanial John 3.90

MLK Tournament Qualifiers:

Danny Pinel 5.0

Jerry Aguilar 4.55 (Day 1)

Eduardo Cruz 4.55 (Day 2)

John Montgomery 4.30 (Day 1)

Andreus Virgen 4.30 (Day 2)

Dan Coll 4.25

Jason Simpson 4.15

Eliliano Salinas 4.10

Mark Capelouto 3.85

Fernando Diaz 3.40

Presidents Derby:

Angel Hernandez 9.15

Rick Kizzee 5.45

Russell Shao 5.05

Mike Meredith 4.80

Mark Lansang 4.35

Rich Richardson 3.70 (Day 1)

Paul Kim 3.70 (Day 2)

Eddie Tillet 3.50

Alan Stover 3.30 (Day 1)

Michael Hill 3.30 (Day 2)


Darius Westfield 10.0

Eric Rangel 9.05

Ken Yu 8.35

Ed John 6.85

Chris Hagopian 6.80

Frank Torres 6.20

Wes Wright 4.70

Todd Kuchar 4.15

Omar Berber 4.05

Ron Springer 3.35




The Masters is the Grand Finale Trout Tournament of the year... Each April, since 2008, the finest trout fishermen in Southern California have gathered at Irvine Lake to vie for the title. To “make the cut” anglers must finish in the top 10 in one of the seasons trout tournaments.

The competition starts in November and ends the first week of April at the Berkley Cup.

A total Prize Package worth$10,000.00!
Winner takes all!
The Masters Prize Package includes:
$1,000 cash prize money
A one year unlimited VIP fishing pass to Irvine Lake
A Gold and Black Custom Masters Jacket
A Custom Masters Trophy
A Daiwa reel
A Danny Kadota signature rod from Black Rock Tackle.

As with the other majors, winning the Masters gives the victorious angler a couple of privileges: Champions are given a lifetime invitation to the Masters and an invitation to VIP Day at the start of the next trout season. The Masters has become a tradition of honoring amateur fishermen. The Masters dinner is held on the eve of the Championship… Before dinner is served these honored anglers have some fun with the “Mini Masters” Challenge. The invitees are given one hour to catch their heaviest trout in the Children’s Lagoon. A cash prize of $500 is split among the top 3 heaviest trout.

At 5 AM, on the morning of the Masters Championship the best trout anglers of the season gather for the traditional Masters breakfast. There, they are given a commemorative Masters cap to mark their achievement. The contest begins at 6AM sharp with the final weigh-in at 2PM. When the tournament is over, the competitors meet one last time for a Luncheon and Awards Ceremony. When the weigh-in is reviewed and the winner of the tournament is announced. The New Masters Champion is then presented with their prestigious Black and Gold Masters Jacket and the entire prize package worth $10,000.00!


Official Rules Day of the Master's Invitational:

Contestants will be allowed to fish from shore or boat.

Irvine Lake will provide one motorboat per every 2 contestant, no private boats will be allowed. Boat pairings are determined by blind draw. Troller's will be paired with troller's and bait fishermen will be paired with bait fisherman.

Tournament hours are from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. First weigh-in time will be at 10:00 a.m. final weigh-in will be at 2:00 p.m.

Any angler caught fishing prior to 6 a.m. will be disqualified.
Campers may not occupy shoreline prior to 6 am.
Rods may not be set up on shoreline prior to 6:00 am.
Boats parked in rental slips may not leave dock prior to 6 a.m

You will be allowed to weigh in only (1) single largest trout. This includes a rainbow, brown, steelhead or brook trout. There is a 5 fish limit, any angler caught catching more than a limit or catching and releasing will be automatically disqualified.

Once a trout is certified by weigh master the fish is considered an offical catch

2 rod maximum will be strictly enforced.
No Hook and Hand

No live bait is permitted except for night crawlers, mealworms & wax worms.

No sight fishing allowed.

Any fish intentionally foul hooked or snagged will be disqualified. Any fish that comes out of the water with a hook attached to it's dorsel fin or tail will not count. The hook must be inside the fish's mouth. No exceptions. No Hook and Hand.

Lagoon fish do not count.

All contest ties are decided by order of weigh-in time for each angler’s individual catch.

Sign-in for tournament will be at 5:00 a.m. followed by a tournament briefing & complimentary continental breakfast.

Anglers must be at least 16 years of age to compete. Anglers between 16 and 18 yrs must show proof of age prior to competing and must have written permission by parent or guardian.





Masters Champions:

2014 - Bill Wright

2013 - Rick Chance

2012 Anthony Aguilar

2011 Tim Blackshire

2010 Nick Cannon

2009 Scott Noseworthy

2008 Robert Avemaria