Irvine Lake is a highly desired location for filming due to its excellent Orange County location and scenic beauty. This applies to still photography, motion picture and video production.

Filming fees are negotiable depending on the number of days, hours of the shoot, number of vehicles ( motorhomes or cars), and number of people. An additional hourly fee may be assessed to cover staffing requirements for shoots taking place outside of our normal hours.

Our staff and will do everything possible to accommodate filming.

Current $1,000,000 of Liability insurance coverage per occurrence. In the “Description of Operations/Locations/Vehicles/Exclusions/Added by Endorsement/ Special Provisions” section, the following 4 entities must be listed as Additionally Insured along with the dates that the client will be here:

  1. SWD Recreation (Irvine Lake)
  2. Serrano Water District
  3. The Irvine Company
  4. Irvine Ranch Water District

In the Certificate Holder section, the following must be listed: Serrano Water District 18021 East Lincoln Street, Villa Park, CA 92861

For further information contact:
Director of Special Events
(714) 649-9111 ext. 305 Fax (714) 649-9114

Irvine Lake Photo Shoots

  • OC Weekly
  • Rolling Stone

Irvine Lake Video Shoots

  • Judge Symon Says
    Judge Symon Says
  • Stephen Seidel as Zany Kawasaki Best Man
    Stephen Seidel as Zany Kawasaki Best Man
  • Kawasaki-Unleashed
    Kawasaki Unleashed
  • Deadliest Warrior Season 2
    Deadliest Warrior Season 2
  • Irvine Lake Call Image
  • Planning a Wedding Call Image
  • Planning a Wedding Call Image
  • Planning a Wedding Call Image